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Any business, from small restaurants to commercial leased properties, knows the value of quality landscaping. If you need a contractor capable of going above and beyond ordinary styles and designs, you should consider contacting our team. Landscaping Company by Momin is a service provider that has been a part of the local business in Stockbridge, GA for years. We specialize in residential & commercial landscaping, and below, you can read more about what we can do for you.

Our Services

Sod Installation

Sod Installation
Installing sod is an easy and smart way for many property owners to achieve fast and quality results. If your current lawn doesn't look healthy, our technicians will come to talk to you, measure the area, and recommend specific plants for your yard. Our sod installation services are quick and produce reliable results. We will deliver the rolls of living grass and soil and place them while paying attention to the corners and edges. With our help, you can have a beautiful and lush garden again.

Concrete Services

Concrete Services
Our professional company is available for residential and commercial concrete services. What do they encompass? In short, our technicians are responsible for organizing all the concrete material and equipment, finding solutions to problems that arise along the way, and communicating with you about what is happening, when it is happening, and what each step in the work process will encompass. We install pavements and work on concrete steps, and flooring, etc.

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls
Building a retaining wall requires professional training. Our team works on such projects, and we can construct an attractive, sturdy, and functional wall on your property. Retaining walls fulfill many functions, like keeping the soil in place, preventing floods and standing water, and beautifying a property. We build concrete walls that will add to the worth and curb appeal of your property.

Minor Grading & Resloping

Minor Grading & Resloping
Our contractor has the know-how and equipment to grade plots of land. After a new construction project, or in a situation where your property has settled, grading and sloping may be necessary. Most of the time, we can use the existing soil to correct the problem. In other cases, topsoil will need to be delivered and installed. In more complex projects, a permit from the local city hall might be necessary.

What Are the Advantages of Affordable Landscaping ?

Our company provides affordable landscaping solutions for small and large properties. Investing in our excellent service will give you back the time you need for your personal and work obligations. There are many more benefits to gain than purely aesthetic. When our landscapers arrive at your home or business for recurring inspections and amendments, you will have healthy plants and a yard to make your neighbors envious. Besides, our rates are competitive.

Excellent Performance in Sod Installation ! 

Our job is to correct, alter, and beautify outdoor spaces. We carry out sod replacement and landscaping to improve upon an existing garden layout, or we might work in one of the more specialized areas. We have invested in the most advanced tools and equipment and take advantage of the latest technology. We always start with a yard inspection, and then we can suggest appropriate methods for exterior improvement.

Reach our Sod Replacement

Hurry up and take advantage of our professional services by calling Landscaping Company by Momin today. Our skilled landscape designer is in Stockbridge, GA, give us a call now.

Andrei Cole
Andrei Cole
We completed a project that entailed grading, installing irrigation, and laying concrete steps, as well as replacing the landscape in our front yard entirely with sod replacement. At every level of the project, the team ensured our satisfaction, and nothing went wrong.
Otto Gardner
Otto Gardner
What was supposed to be a wall and structure project for the yard ended up becoming a landscaping clean-up and tree removal. We were really happy with their price, quickness of finish, and communication. We recommend using them for anyone wishing to enhance their yard.
Emanuel Lindsey
Emanuel Lindsey
I had a great experience with them. They arrived on time, responded quickly to my message, offered a fair and competitive price for sod installation, and performed an excellent job with the landscaping, bush-pruning, and general yard cleanup. The whole procedure was cordial. They'll be put to use again.
Parker Wright
Parker Wright
The team recently accomplished a significant cleanup of the overgrowth in our backyard. They arrived sooner than anticipated and got to work straight away. They completed all we asked for quickly and were able to cut, trim, and retrieve whatever we required. Even the branches and clippings were taken with them. They are a very pleasant person, and we would surely call them again for future jobs.
Arianny Dinh
Arianny Dinh
Had a wonderful encounter with them. They were prompt in responding to my message, provided a fair and competitive price, arrived on time, and did a fantastic job with the landscaping, pruning bushes, and general yard cleanup. The entire process was friendly. I'll use them once again.

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Client’s Testimonial

Aug 25, 2020
I Am Amazed!

Through the years, I have hired many landscapers trying to find the one that will completely meet my needs and fit my budget and schedule. Today, I can proudly say my search is over as this landscape designer really shows the utmost care and professionalism in everything they do. Great job, appreciate it!

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